First Friday Lecture & Discussion, June 5, 2015, 7:00 PM: “Supporting the GLBTQ Community in Schuylkill County”

William F. Bender, ACSW, LSW – Instructor/Field Director at Kutztown University, will provide a presentation discussion about ways we can support the GLBTQ community in Schuylkill County such as by forming a “PFLAG” (Parents, Family& Friends of Lesbians and Gays) group. The Supreme Court may soon rule that gay marriage is legal, but the GLBTQ community still […]

Q&A and Member Induction Happening in May!

Following the service on May 10, 2015, we will have a Q&A session about Schuylkill UU and how to become a member, Unitarian Universalism in general, and any and all related topics. Join us for an engaging discussion and find out more about your local UU congregation! We will also be welcoming new members during the […]

Sunday Service – May 24, 2015 – “Authentic Patriotism”

Consulting Minister Rev. Bob Throne will lead our service entitled, “Authentic Patriotism” – How can we honor those who serve, and have served, while understanding our country’s shortcomings? Colonial-ism ? Exceptional-ism ? Patriotism ?

Sunday Service – May 10, 2015 – “In A Different Voice”

Consulting Minister Rev. Bob Throne will lead our service entitled, “In A Different Voice”. Our ethics have been shaped by patriarchal principles for centuries and however sophisticated, seem somehow inadequate. What if ethics were also shaped by relationships … in the feminine voice … of “the Goddess”.  There will be a Q&A get-together following the service for anyone interested […]