Sunday Service – October 25, 2015 – “Our UU Center: Beloved Community”

A  new (relative to most traditions), non-creedal  faith, drawing upon such disparate sources as world religions, science, and individual conscience risks being just a blob of good intentions.  Where is our center?  What holds us together? There will be a Question and Answer session after the October 25th service for those wishing to learn more about joining […]

Sunday Service – October 11, 2015 – “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road”

Consulting Minister Rev. Bob Throne will lead our service entitled, “If  You Meet Buddha on the Road”.  In an ever smaller, interconnected Global Village, many of us – including Unitarian Universalists – are finding insights and learnings from Buddhism (and other Eastern Religions). Meditative practices are but the beginning; let us reflect and see where we wander.  (First in […]