Friday Night Film – “Art and the Upper Schuylkill River” – October 16th at 7:00 PM

We will have a preview screening of a documentary created by Marisa Marlowe as part of her Master thesis.  The documentary “Art and the Upper Schuylkill River” delves into the rich culture of art that is found in the upper Schuylkill River region. Through the narratives of four artists, the history and breadth of the area’s artistic identity are explored. These artists give us a glimpse into a range of topics, from the hardships and pride of the once-booming coal mining industry, to how the natural geography of the landscape informs the rock and roll being created by contemporary musicians. We see how the river weaves through and connects past to present, just as it weaves through and connects the small mountain towns that find themselves along her meandering journey. 

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