Sunday Service – July 24, 2016, 10:30 am – “To Love An ‘Other’ – We Are Called to ‘Love One Another’”

Consulting Minister, the Rev. Bob Throne, will lead our service entitled, “To Love An ‘Other’ – We are called to “love one another”; but what if another is an OTHER, “not like us”: Gay-Lesbian-Bi-sexual-Trans-gendered .. or Queer;   African American, Latino, Asian, Native American;   Differently Abled; Poor … or very rich. We are hard wired to notice all kinds of differences. That is a part of the genius of the human brain. But that well-tuned skill gets calibrated by our life experiences, especially when we are young. How shall we ‘re-calibrate’ when our perceptions are so skewed that we hurt ‘an other’ person?

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