Greeting – Rev. Robert P. Throne, Consulting Minister          

           Marybeth Dohmann – Chair, Board of Directors

Unitarian Universalist Minister A. Powell Davies wrote; ‘When you find a congregation that expresses the outlook and values you yourself hold as vital, you are have come upon a precious spiritual resource whose values can deepen your sense of purpose, enhance your personal identity, and enrich your days in innumerable ways. Joining such a congregation as ours means essentially three things:

1.  You are in fundamental sympathy with the principles of freedom, reason, and acceptance of one another in your spiritual development, religion and life. This is the basis for our creed-less faith.

2. You commit yourself to the importance of an organized religious community.  Ideas and ideals must have a vehicle, and embodiment in the world. People who think and work together for the values in which they believe have a better chance of achieving them than people who do not.

3. You accept the responsibilities that go with membership in any human community. Within the limits of your ability and in line with your personal choice, you are ready to give energy, time, money, and best thought to the furthering of the ideas you prize.’

By signing the membership book in a Unitarian Universalist society you offer to share your gifts, your talents, and your time as well as your own personal needs and limitations. You and other members of the congregation will nurture and support each others religious growth and work together to create an environment that is warm and caring.

We here will not have all the answers to the unanswerable  questions, but you will find people here who value intellect, independence, and imagination.  Here you will find people who also value self-respect, beauty, and inner harmony. People who hold a firm belief in personal integrity and freedom need to join with others to support each others spiritual growth and the preservation of these values.

You are invited to add your name to the membership book of a Unitarian Universalist society and join with others to create an effective spiritual, religious community. Here – with people of all ages, all races, all sexual orientations, and every cultural heritage – here, you will have a place where you can broaden your vision, where you can share both life’s happiest and saddest moments, and where you can work together with others to bring peace,  justice and beauty into the world.

I invite these new members to step forward and sign our membership book.  (New Members sign)

Members of the Schuylkill Unitarian Universalists: 

(speak in unison)

We welcome you into our covenant with pleasure, and pledge to support the spiritual and everyday journey of you and your family, as we look to you to support our own  journeys.

New Members:  (speak in unison)

By my presence and signature I gladly accept this membership and its inclusive nurture and attendant responsibilities.  I pledge to support the spiritual and everyday journey of our members, and this congregation as I participate with a whole heart.

Presentation of Flowers:  (The flowers symbolize the blossoming of each individual & their presence among us.)

Rev. Davies remarks as edited from a Unitarian Universalist Association brochure by Polly Guild, a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School, was minister emerita of Follen Unitarian Universalist Church, Lexington, MA, where she was senior minister for eighteen years. Since 1992 she has been the UUA international program coordinator.  Minor further edits July 2013 – Rev. Robert P. Throne; Consulting Minister